10 - 11 December: Workshops for youngsters


⁠Workshop: BattleBits drawingrobots (12+)

Saturday 10 December 2022 / 12:00 - 16:00

NB: Dutch is the main language for this event.

In this workshop you give the BattleBits robots their own character. You program the robot by making physical connections. The way you connect the sensors to the wheels results in various so-called behaviours. The vehicle may appear to be angry, happy, or shy. We investigate what it means when a robot moves independently.

Participants will be given a number of challenges that will help them understand and program the robots. During the workshop you will design different configurations that can draw different patterns. At the end you have made a work of art together with the robots.

This workshop is given by artists Ibo Ibelings and Jelle Reith.

Ibo Ibelings is a creative coder, artist and general technology enthusiast. His work varies from making drawing robots to programming websites. Ibo teaches the modules Generative Design and DIY Hardware in the Graphic Design study at ArtEZ School of the Arts Arnhem.

Jelle Reith is fascinated by electronics, robotics, machines and code. With these four ingredients, Jelle creates work that offers a new perspective on technology. The works that Jelle creates question the technologies at different levels.

The workshop is for youth aged 12 to 21.

Cost: A donation for the workshop. It is possible to adopt the BattleBits robot after the workshop for €35,- Sign up using the ticketshop.


Workshop: Making a digital face mask (12+)

Sunday 11 December 2022 / 13:00 - 16:00

NB: The main language is Dutch.

You take a selfie, add a filter to it and suddenly you look like a cartoon character, a cat or have the perfect Insta look. In this workshop you will learn how face filters work, where your photo data ends up and what impact this has on our lives online and in real life. You make your own digital face filters with paper, markers and other materials.

The workshop is given by Utrecht makers collective Katpatat (Lisa, Neander and Esther). They make interactive installations and experimental games. “Making games is a way for us to express ourselves, but also to create our own 'reality'. It is always very important for us to apply a certain amount of playfulness, interaction and humor in our work. In most of our works we explore the liminal space between the physical world and the digital world.”

The workshop is for youth aged 12 to 21.

Cost: A donation for the workshop. Sign up using the ticketshop.

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