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Electric Garden Workshop

We invite you on June 28 to the Electric Garden workshop; a celebration of the interplay between earth, electricity, life, and the internet. Artist Sunjoo Lee and the members of the Hof van Cartesius are cultivating the Electric Garden where water, plants, and insects form an ecosystem equipped with an energy-harvesting structure. Imagine a garden that not only thrives with life but also powers small electronic devices!

In the workshop, Sunjoo Lee will first show you the garden under the Boomtoren and give a brief presentation on her expertise in creating Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs). MFCs harness electricity from soil using the metabolism of anaerobic bacteria living in the mud. Sunjoo's research delves into mud samples from ponds, rivers, and lakes, exploring their potential for generating electricity. Given the minimal and fluctuating electricity output from the soil, we must creatively explore the capabilities of devices powered by the garden.
For the main part of the workshop, we will tinker with microcontrollers, sensors, and analog components, dreaming up and prototyping imaginative applications and small-scale digital artworks fueled by the garden’s gentle electricity.

📍CCU Studio, Vlampijpstraat 84
🗓️28 Juli (18:00 - 21:00)
🎟️ €30 regular / €15 students

Having some knowledge of electronic or digital technology like using Arduino or creative coding will be helpful when you participate in this workshop. If you don’t have prior knowledge of electronics but are interested in creatively exploring the electric possibilities, you also are very welcome!

Please bring your own laptop and, optionally, any necessary equipment for prototyping electronics. Microcontrollers (nodeMCU, LoRa modules, Arduino, ESP32 CAM), sensors, basic components, cables, and breadboards will be available for use at CCU. Get your ticket and join us for an inspiring and innovative experience in the Electric Garden!

Start28 Jun 2024, 16:00
End28 Jun 2024, 19:00
locationHof van Cartesius, Vlampijpstraat 94, 3534 AR, Utrecht
Price€30 regular / €15 students
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