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Demoscene Sizecoding Workshop

Join the workshop about Sizecoding by Freddy and Milan from Demoscene!

During the workshop, participants will learn the basic principles of TIC-80 programming in Lua. They will have the chance to create their own fantasy console intro and compress it into just 256 bytes. At the end of the workshop, participants will present their work and share their creations with each other.

📍CCU Studio, Vlampijpstraat 84, Utrecht
📅27 June, 19:00 - 21:00
🎫Regular €40 / Student €20

Freddy and Milan will share their expertise and passion for the demoscene, which is the computer art (sub)culture focused on producing demo's, or "self-contained computer programs that produce audiovisual presentations", often used to show off visual art, musical dexterity and "sizecoding" programming skills. With this they are offering a unique opportunity to get acquainted with this innovative and creative form of programming.

Whether you are an experienced coder or just starting out, this workshop provides valuable insights and hands-on experience in a challenging and inspiring field, but is also very suitable for beginners!

Start27 Jun 2024, 17:00
End27 Jun 2024, 19:00
locationCCU Studio, Vlampijpstraat 84, 3534 AR, Utrecht
PriceRegular €40 / Student €20
Demoscene Sizecoding Workshop
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