From the Community: Review of Marije Baalman's keynote

With the International Conference on Live Coding already a month behind us, we have been receiving enthusiastic feedback from the community and we are happy to see you share memories you made in Utrecht. In particular, we would like to highlight the review of Marije Baalman’s keynote written by Mel Laubschner, creative coder and musician based in Cape Town. Laubschner’s beautifully written piece discusses both Baalman’s thought-provoking takes on the foundations of the live coding community, and how it sparked reflections on their own practice. Here is a teaser of the original article:

Marije Baalman delivered the 2nd keynote address at the ICLC 2023 Utrecht event that expanded on her 2015 article titled “Embodiment of Code.” Baalman, an expert in the field of live coding and a prolific artist, built on these ideas to deliver a talk that highlighted interesting and necessary thoughts challenging the audience’s perspectives on the relationship between code and the human body. Her talk, titled "Thinking Inside the Box: Instant Composition, Folded Structures and Beyond the Screen", was not only informative but also thought-provoking and delivered with incredible finesse. […]”

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