Aftermovie - International Conference on Live Coding 2023

The ICLC aftermovie is out and it makes us all the more nostalgic. Visitors from near and far have brought to Utrecht an endless stream of inspiration, community and laughter.

Fabian van Sluijs, creative director of Creative Coding Utrecht, shares his reflections looking back on the experience: "Hosting the ICLC was a joyous end result of an international collaboration between CCU, toplap Barcelona and Karlsruhe and Ljudmila that started during the pandemic. We used our online organizational skills to create a magnificent IRL programme in Utrecht and beyond that was thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants. It was a great honor to host the international live coding community in Utrecht and to let them interface with our local cultural infrastructure and audiences."

Take a walk down memory lane with us thanks to Videohippies and Tanja Busking, who have perfectly encapsulated the atmosphere of joy and discovery that this event has been filled to the brim with.

Special thanks to Toplap Barcelona, Toplap Karlsruhe, Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, nl_cl for assisting the organisation of the conference and events. To our partners, the City of Utrecht, Creative Industries fund NL, Nieuwe Instituut, the Goethe Institut and the European Union. The venues spread across the city deserve a special shoutout: VOGELFREI, Het Huis, EKKO, the former Pieter Baan Centrum and TivoliVredenburg have been the perfect home to the conference and post-conference times. Our volunteers have been absolutely instrumental to everything.

Last but not least, we would like to extend a special recognition to the contributors from all over the world, who made the conference possible and brought their enthusiasm to our city:

Abreu, Iván Alexandros, Drymonitis Alonen, Miika Alonso, Florencia (Flor de Fuego) Amaya Gonzalez, Juan Felipe Ancona, Riccardo Andrade, Rafaele Armitage, Jack Baalman, Marije Bahng, Sojung (방소정) Bautista Rodríguez, Lina Beckmann, Tom Borgeat, Patrick Bouchard, Sara Briede, Ilze (Kavi) Candra Rini, Peni Carlé, Martin Casamajó, Ramon (QBRNTHSS) Casilli, Kirby Champlin, Alicia Cheesman, Lucy Chicau, Joana Claes, Andrew Clester, Ian Copper, Monique Corfiel, Miki Cortés, Malitzin (CNDSD) Corvi, Francesco Cullis, Amy Davis, Ted Diapoulis, Georgios Fiebrink, Rebecca Folz, Rodney (haute.rod) Forment, Raphaël Maurice (Bubobubo) Francavilla, Giulia (Giulia Rae) Franco Briones, Alejandro Fraser, Glen Freeke, Saskia Freeman, Jason Frelih, Luka Ganz, Axel (Grimberg) Garson, Jessica (Messica Arson) Geier, Leonard Genissel, Agata Georges, Rémi (Ralt144MI) Giannoutakis, Kosmas Gola, Bruno Gordon, Marcus (magfoto) Gorelick, Dan ( Groff Hennigh-Palermo, Sarah Gunnarsson, Bjarni Hanson, Don ( Harris, Roxanne (alsoknownasrox) Hernández Sánchez, Citlali (turbulente) Hirschfeld, Robert Hofmann, Yannick Hoogland, Timo Hurst, Amy Höpfner, Daniel Imrisek, Sarah (@cymatiste) Isern Rabella, Eloi (Eloi el Bon Noi) J. Juarez, Aaron Jack, Olivia Jaudzems, Kaspars John, Guy Jordaens, Kasper Jónsson, Björn Þór Kaney, Matthew Kiefer, Chris Knotts, Shelly Kyriakoudis, Dimitris Lawson, Shawn (Obi-Wan Codenobi) Li, Song (李松) Liu, Jia (刘佳) Lorway, Norah Loveless, Melody López Pineda, Iván M. Martins, Fellipe Maheras, Hrysovalanti (hryso) Marie, Mynah Marques Da Costa, Joenio McLaughlin, Tyler (R Tyler) McLean, Alex Methfessel, Paul Michelin, Ludovica Montague, Jude Mori, Giovanni Moura, Mari Múgica, Julia N. Del Angel, Luis Nilson, Click Noriega Alcaraz, Felipe Ignacio Nulli, Giovanni Oduro, Kofi (illestpreacha) Padovani, José Henrique Pappalardo, Sebastian (eerie_ear) Pavlica, Blaž Payne, William Christopher Paz, Iván Pibernat Trias, Roger Popple, Ulysses Powley, Edward Purnama Aji, Rangga Reppel, Niklas Reus, Jonathan Rinkoff, William (c_robo_) Roberts, Antonio Rohrhuber, Julian Roos, Felix Saladino, Iris Samarotto, Michele Sarratea, Sol (@alsolquema) Satomi, Mika Schreiber, Jakob Schubert, Deva Sewell, Sen Shimizu, Junichi Sicchio, Kate Smith, Ryan Ross (The Wookie) Sondervan, Dagobert Sousa Santos, Raphael (sonologico) Srinivasan, Sumanth Strohschein, Heather Sutherland, Matilda Sánchez Medina, Alejandro Tan, Shuoxin (谭硕欣) Torres Núñez del Prado, Paola van de Zandschulp, Klasien van der Walt, J. Simon van Sluijs, Fabian Vasilakos, Konstantinos Verhage, Sabrina Villaseñor de Cortina, Diego (Videco) Weber, Anselm Whitmer, Bill Wieser, Renate Wilson, Arthur Wilson, Elizabeth Xambó, Anna

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