Training, Consulting & Development

Our offer is tailored to schools and educational partners who are eager to embark on an artistic and technological journey through creative coding. Our workshops are designed to foster a collaborative and hands-on learning experience, where participants explore and learn by actively creating with technology. Led by skilled makers and artists, our workshops provide an inspiring and inclusive environment for all.

At CCU, we believe in the power of co-creation and digital creativity to ignite passion and curiosity in learners of all ages. Our educational services encompass training, consulting, and development programs, providing comprehensive support to schools and partners seeking to integrate art and technology. By emphasizing reflection and open discussions, we ensure that participants engage deeply with the concepts and outcomes, fostering a dynamic learning community.

Additionally, CCU can assist in the development of educational resources through the lens of Design Thinking and co-creation with makers. We employ innovative methodologies and involve educators and students in the process of developing our resources. Our goal is to craft dynamic and relevant materials that enhance the learning journey and spark creativity in the classroom. Let's unlock together the boundless potential for creative coding to transform education into an empowering and innovative experience.