Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions of Stichting Creative Coding Utrecht, hereinafter "CCU", apply to any visit to its building, as well as to all activities, exhibitions and meetings organised by CCU. These conditions also apply to activities and meetings organised by third parties in the building of CCU.

Visiting conditions and liability

During their time at CCU, the visitor is obliged to follow the terms and conditions and to behave in accordance with the applicable code of conduct, public order, morality and the rules of decency applicable with regard to the nature of the activity visited. The visitor is also obliged to follow the instructions of CCU staff.

If a visitor acts contrary to these standards, directions or instructions, the visitor may be denied further access to the event, without the visitor being entitled to reimbursement of the costs of their admission ticket or any other costs incurred.

The visitor's stay in the event location of CCU is at their own expense and risk. Visitors are personally liable for all direct and indirect damage caused by the visitors themselves, whether or not as a result of non-compliance with the terms and conditions.

Ticket sales

When present at CCU events for which an entrance fee applies, each visitor must have a valid admission ticket. Once obtained, an admission ticket cannot be exchanged. There is also no refund of the admission fee. In case of exceptional circumstances please contact ticketing.


Insofar as personal data is processed in the context of these conditions for visitors, this is done carefully and in accordance with the rules that follow from the General Data Protection Regulation and the Dutch Implementation Act.