Magical Lichens

Lichens are cool! At least that's what Sabrina & Carolien think, which is why they created a platform that allows you to put augmented reality artwork on a lichen.

In this workshop you will learn about lichens, admire lichens and learn to make your own magical lichen. Did you know that lichens live all around us? This particular combo of an algae and a fungus looks like a plant, but it is not. Where lichens form a layer on trees, sidewalks and walls, you will add an additional virtual layer on the lichen with your smartphone and AR technology during this workshop.

Using Playcanvas - an online open-source 3D engine - you will learn to create your own 3D artwork that will be projected over the lichen.

Carolien Teunisse & Sabrina Verhage are on a mission to get everyone to look at the nature around them in a different way. Through Magical Lichens, they hope to interest you in the beauty of something as ordinary as lichens.