CCU turns 5 and to celebrate we’re organising "Math Expressionism" at the brand new venue “NAR Café der Kunsten”.

Math Expressionism (Math Ex) is an exhibition showcasing the work of artists from the (inter)national community of creative coders. The programme dives into the field of generative art and presents the makers and their tools, the communities they are part of, and the creative processes that shape their work.

Math Ex is also an experiment with Non Fungible Token’s (NFT’s). Through workshops and discussions we offer both makers and collectors hands-on opportunities to develop their own perspective on this controversial field. Makers will share their experiences of being part of NFT communities such as Hic et Nunc and Artblocks. We’ll discuss the controversies and the interesting developments that have emerged. Of course all of this is embedded in a festive programme where all senses will be triggered by means of art, food, drinks and music.