UTRECHT – Tickling robots, stalagmites forming during exhibitions and ugly vegetables made of plastic - these are all works projecting on the beauty standards and behaviours of the human. Creative Coding Utrecht and Centraal Museum present a Lecture for ART MACHINES on the 26th of March. During this lecture generative art pioneers Driessens & Verstappen will take a closer look at their work and tell how nature inspires them during the creation of their art. Prof. Dr. Guszti Eiben, known from, among others, VPRO Tegenlicht documentary Robo Sapiens, will talk about the history and application of evolutionary algorithms. The artist duo Driessens & Verstappen create art by using autonomously operating processes. Their artworks exist of autonomous systems, in which they use facial recognition, robots and machine learning in a creative way to make you think. Their unique worldview offers visitors a new look on the relationship between people and the world around them. Their multifaceted oeuvre of software, machines and objects are inspired by the most autonomous processes of all: nature and genetic growth. Prof. Dr. Guszti Eiben uses artificial intelligence to develop evolutionary algorithms and robots. Thanks to his research, the very first reproductive robot has been developed, a robot that can procreate by the use of evolution. This breakthrough can play an important role in the research and colonisation of other planets. Creative Coding Utrecht is a community driven platform with the goal to stimulate digital creativity and creative coding as an artistic practice. They thrive to do this by sharing knowledge, connecting and inspiring everyone who has interest in exploring the creative possibilities of coding and emerging technologies. We organise meet-ups, workshops, courses, exhibitions and collaborate with cultural organisations, universities, schools and tech companies. The series of events ART MACHINES is a line of research by Creative Coding Utrecht, where they research the use and development of autonomous art. During these events, we take a closer look at the work of a Dutch media art pioneer. By inviting these artists and offering workshops, young and emerging artists can get inspired and develop artistically.