/ October 20, 2018/ Workshops

When: 4 November 2018
Time: 15:00 – 17:00
Location: Sensor Lab (meeting point)
Tickets: €5,- (buy here)

As part of CCU Expositie: Hello World!, Cristina Cochior & Ruben van de Ven have produced The Data Flâneur – Seeing and being seen (2018); a city tour through which participants act on the data that surrounds them.

Price: €5,- (excl €1 servicecosts)
Ticket shop: https://ccu.stager.nl/web/tickets/237574
Maximum participants: 15

Inspired by Alison Powell’s ‘data walk’, they twist her concept by not only making participants aware of data collection within the city, but also by making them experiment with data collection for their own purposes. By zooming in on the procedures of selection, #classification and #digitisation, participants experience the intricacies of #data #collection.

Nederlandse beschrijving: https://www.culturelezondagen.nl/zondag/2018/utrecht-digitaal/programma/item-5460


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